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Diamond Engagement Rings

The guys from many couples who have been together for a long time feel too comfortable in their position and don’t even think about visiting the Birmingham Jewellery quarter and getting diamond engagement rings to surprise their fateful companions. If you have been together with your boyfriend for many years, it is very likely that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, but he is certain in the fact that you’re not going anywhere, so he is using that to get more time and enjoy the comfort of delaying. It’s not that all women are desperate to get rings for engagement, but it is certain that after five or more years of relationship, every single one of them wants to ask if the relationship is ever going to advance. If you want to get your guy to propose, waiting for him to think of it won’t be a solution, but your insisting would make things worse. We will tell you how to play this game the right way diamond engagement rings .                       

Be honest without being paranoid   
Well, if you have been in a long-term relationship, there is no need for us to teach you about honesty. You know how important it is to say what you feel and talk to your boyfriend about your expectations. If you have never talked about your future together, you should ask if he is seeing you as a partner for life. Most women who want to finally get their weddings rings go around the subject and talk about other people’s weddings or other couples that should get engaged. That might give your boyfriend a clue, but it won’t be enough. You can be dropping hints for years and still not get a diamond ring. However, you shouldn’t go into extremes with your honesty and you shouldn’t turn the conversation into an ultimatum. Saying that he must propose or you’ll be gone; and mentioning that you already narrowed the choice of princess cut engagement rings from which he can select – is just wrong diamond engagement ring .           

Is he in or is he out?
If you have made it clear and you’ve told your partner that you are ready to go to the next step and you want to start a family, he should definitely make an action. He may have a good reason to wait. Maybe he wants to make more money and get a nice home for your future family because he wants to have a secure starting point that will make your life comfortable and financially stable. However, if you realize that he is making excuses, saying that he is still not ready for a marriage and kids or he keeps avoiding the subject – you should know that you have a problem and your chances to get a proposal with the diamond engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of are next to nothing. You should be able to make an accurate assessment of the situation. If you realize that your boyfriend isn’t likely to propose, you should take your time to think whether you are willing to invest more time in that relationship diamond wedding rings .  

Propose to your boyfriend
In these modern times, many women have to courage to propose to their partners. You may be afraid to do that, but you can make your proposal funny, sweet and brave. You won’t look desperate and it won’t look like you are forcing him into marriage. If you know that your boyfriend loves you and he wants to spend his life with you, there is no reason for you not to make the first step. Don’t worry, your boyfriend will certainly realize that he should still visit the Jewellery quarter Birmingham and make a choice among those beautiful platinum engagement rings. So, you will still get a ring and have a wedding, but you will definitely speed up the procedure if you’re brave enough to make the proposal. However, you should think this through very carefully and propose only if you are certain that your boyfriend wants to be your husband (if he has clearly told you that he is planning a future together with you). After all, we wouldn’t like to encourage you to propose only to confuse your boyfriend and make him run away with the speed of light engagement rings .